Turinabol: description of how it works, side effects in men

Of the dozens of drugs related to increasing athletic performance, we can single out some that have special characteristics. Turinabol (Chlordehydromethyltestosterone) is one of the rare, expensive, hormonal drugs with an interesting steroid profile (anabolic to androgenic ratio). You will not often see this drug in an amateur athlete’s arsenal, but in high performance sports it is a must-have.

Pay attention! In this article you will find a description of the basic pharmacological properties and possible uses for informational purposes only. All decisions about the use, dosages are better to take with a specialist after an appropriate examination and study the results of tests.

What is Turinabol?

The progenitor of Turinabol (also called turic) was Metandrostenolone. The structure of these hormones is very similar. It differs from methandrostenolone in that it has an additional chlorine molecule and degree of carbon. This change gives the anabolic agent minimal androgenic effects with increased, even compared to methane, anabolic qualities like – strength and endurance.


The tablet contains 10 mg of dehydrochloromethyltestosterone.


Turinabol has a number of advantages over steroids of similar action, which are not aimed at gaining weight. This anabolic drug is considered highly effective because it can build high quality muscle mass in a short course, significantly reducing body fat and water levels. In addition to its visual effects, the hormonal drug has a pronounced effect on the athlete’s performance, whether it be explosive strength or endurance.

Steroid Profile

The steroid profile is virtually the same as methandienone, but turinabol has significantly reduced androgenic activity.

Forms of release

Available in 10 mg tablets (oralturinabol).

Anabolic Effects

Turinabol has a number of advantages over other hormonal agents. The most important advantage for an athlete at the competitive level is the high-quality sports form obtained from a short course of the drug. At the same time, strength performance is increased, which makes it the best doping for athletes who need speed, endurance, and explosive strength. Another advantage of turinabol, it is considered that it gives a small rebound phenomenon compared to other anabolic drugs. For bodybuilders, this anabolic drug is interesting in the pre-competition period.

Side Effects

Turinabol is one of the gentle drugs in its segment, and all the side effects are extremely rare. The main side effects include liver toxicity, and decreased production of your own testosterone.

Like all medications, it is capable of harming the body. To avoid negative effects, you should stick to the dosage and not exceed the duration of intake.

To gain muscle mass

The drug is not aimed at increasing the weight and is not used in the schemes of weight gain.

On a drying off period

A course of turinabol for weight loss should be combined with a small amount of primabolan. The dosages of these drugs should be selected individually. Usually at the preparatory stage 20 to 40 mg of turinabol (maximum) per day is used, primabolan should be added 250-400 mg per week. Throughout the course will not be superfluous the use of testosterone propionate in an equal dose of 50 mg every other day.


The course of any oral steroid medication should start with the minimum dose and increase it to the peak doses, then smoothly return to the minimum. This way of taking is called a pyramid. Thus, the athlete starts the course with 10 mg per day and takes five days at the same time. The first intake of oral medication should be started ten minutes before breakfast.

  • The second step of the course is to take 20 mg per day. To the morning portion of 10 mg of the active substance, the athlete will add another 10 mg portion, which should be consumed ten minutes before lunch.
  • After five days, the dose is increased by 10 mg. The third intake should be made ten minutes before a meal, and so for five days at 30 mg.
  • After five days, another 10 mg is added. The dose of 40 mg is divided into 4 doses.

The best way to take oral anabolic hormones is to avoid taking synthetic hormones after six (maximum eight) pm. This method will reduce the impact on the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular arc. At any rate, it will reduce the detrimental effects of synthetic hormones on the athlete’s body.

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