Oxandrolone and Testosterone for Body Relief

In this article, we will tell you about an excellent course, which is loved by many athletes: Oxandrolone + Testosterone. We will analyze the peculiarities, the rules of taking it and the results that can be achieved.

All bodybuilders dream of a solid and beautifully shaped body with a minimum of fat and maximum muscle mass. In addition to the aesthetic side of the issue you need to be strong and enduring. The course we are going to talk about today helps to achieve this goal. It is often used in the off-season or before the onset of summer, when a beautiful body attracts the attention of others.

Peculiarities of Oxandrolone + Testosterone Course

After completing the course, the athlete gains muscle mass, the body becomes more sculpted and “dry”. Drying occurs due to the burning of the fat layer and a small set of muscles. Many athletes note a significant increase in strength and endurance. A man recovers faster after loads, adapts well to training.

The course is suitable not only for experienced athletes but also for beginners because there are no or minimal side effects. Of course, this is only possible if you take it correctly.

The effect of injectable Testosterone combined with oral Oxandrolone is soft and comfortable. You can buy the proven oxandrolone at https://testosteronepills.top/preparation/oxandrolone-20-mg-bayer-tpt-0373.html.

Organization of oxandrolone and testosterone intake

To begin with, let’s talk about one drug – Oxandrolone. Take it every day – the form of tablets is convenient to take. You will need three pills per day, distributed over time. The course continues until the package (100 pcs.) runs out. The product shows its anabolic properties immediately after its intake, within 12 hours.

Now for testosterone. It comes in injectable form. Take it three times a week, 1 gram at a time. The best days are Monday, Wednesday, Friday. The timing is before a workout, one hour before it. Testosterone shows its effect in a couple of days after its start.

It is important to make a post-course therapy. We advise to take Tamoxifen. It is an oral drug. There is a good suppression of secretion of female hormones (estrogen), restoration of own testosterone levels. ProcT rules: start taking the drug on the fifth day after the hormone course for 20 days, one tablet a day.

As a result, Oxandrolone is stretched for five weeks, and Testosterone for six weeks. Around the eighth week after the start of the course, take the SCT, Tamoxifen. It is taken for three weeks. The whole process takes two and a half months.

Course results

The work of Oxandrolone together with Testosterone has an excellent effect on increasing the athlete’s muscularity, body relief. It is important to note that the muscle growth is dry, without any admixture of fat. Additional benefits that the athlete gets are increased stamina and strength. A person can train more often and more effectively, tolerate more physical exertion, which is very important in summer.

It is also important that the course does not lead to aromatization, gynecomastia and other side effects. Beginners can be relaxed and feel comfortable taking this course with subsequent PKT.

Please note: buy only reputable products from reputable companies. Sport is not an area where you can save money. Having spared money and buying low-quality drugs, you will get a lot of side effects and minimum (or even no) results.

What positive effects can Oxandrolone produce?

As stated in the reviews on Oxandrolone, the drug is very effective on a drying course. The following positive effects can be achieved with its help:

  • muscle definition, increased muscle hardness – the main effects of the drug;
  • Subcutaneous fat burning;
  • increase in strength parameters;
  • Increased levels of growth hormone in the body.

It should be noted that it is not reasonable to buy Oxandrolone to take it on a course if you want to gain muscle mass. This product is only suitable for athletes who already have a decent muscles and want to burn subcutaneous fat deposits, increase muscle hardness and give them relief.

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