Customer Complaints: 8 Common Complaints & How to Resolve Them

Get 6 tips for improving your teams customer service skills

customer queries

Learn how to create effective Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys that capture insightful feedback and improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty. With Mailchimp, you can easily manage customer relationships, grow your audience, and use specialized tools to provide outstanding customer customer queries service. From sending out customer surveys to engaging your audience through email marketing campaigns, Mailchimp’s all-in-one marketing platform allows you to keep clients happy. As your business grows, you’re bound to deal with customer complaints at some point or another.

customer queries

So you must be sure you hear what they have to say, respond empathetically, and then help them find the right solution. For example, The Ritz-Carlton Company gives employees the autonomy to spend up to $2,000 solving customer problems — without needing approval. And while that whopping amount might be over budget for your organization, the more significant reason why this company has created such a policy bears remembering for every customer service team. Messaging as a support channel has grown significantly in use over time, as it is now one of the most popular ways that customers seek out service help.

Hypercare: Why It Matters in Customer Support

A study of more than 500,000 interactions found that customers are willing to spend more with a business that responds quickly to their enquiry. Adding to that, a survey from Hiver found that 70% of consumers say they will advise their friends against buying a product or service after a negative service experience. Adding on, 90% of customers view an instant response as either crucial or very important when they need customer service assistance. Effective customer service agents are skilled at listening and being empathetic.

customer queries

Keep in mind that if your customer service isn’t up to the mark while selling something, you’ll lose the sale instantly. Customer service is a primary concern to get your desired placement in the eCommerce marketplace. This is because, with excellent customer support, you can win your customers’ hearts and expand your business by getting good feedback. Customer service may be provided in person (e.g. sales / service representative), or by automated means,[7] such as kiosks, websites, and apps.

Limited support channels

Following up with customer complaints will help you stand out from the competition by demonstrating excellent customer service. Communication is the key to success when solving just about any problem. Keeping your team in the loop can enable you to resolve customer complaints more quickly. Additionally, communicating a customer complaint to your team can prevent the mistake or miscommunication that prompted the complaint from happening again. While no business owner wants to receive customer complaints, these complaints can actually present an opportunity for your company. First of all, when customers complain directly to you, they typically don’t abandon your brand entirely but rather give you a chance to rectify the situation.

When customers are displeased, be prepared to handle the situation with empathy. Unless the customer has vehemently stated that they do not want to hear from you again, you should send a follow-up email to check in on them. See if they have been successful in solving the problem or if they have any further questions for you. People respond better to brands and companies they are familiar with. When you begin to use positive and encouraging words, you start to see a difference in the way customers respond to you. These words are bound to make your customers feel uncomfortable or put forth your business as one that’s rude.


For you, those words might refer to the name of your team or department. However, the phrase reminds customers of hours wasted waiting on hold, repeating information, and not getting problems resolved. Your agents need to have access to the entire conversations history for that user. The worst mistake you could make would be to force your customers to repeat themselves. They just had a conversation with your bot, now don’t force them to have the same one with your agent once again. When the workload spikes, whether due to seasonality, annual leave or sickness, having shared expertise across the team gives you the flexibility to handle increased customer requests.

customer queries

With more than 3 billion users worldwide, businesses are starting to rely on them to offer quick and easy content distribution and customer service to audiences. The most important element of good customer service is responding to queries in a timely manner, no matter what channel a customer reaches out on. When a customer has a problem with your product or service, they want it fixed immediately. And 40% of organizations view customer service primarily as a revenue driver. So, as a business, you’re faced with two choices; either hire more agents or force your customers to wait longer periods of time to get their issues resolved. A live agent is equipped to deal with the most complex of customer questions.

Whatever the complaints are, you’ll need to examine the feedback you’re getting first. Find out what their goals and needs are, then teach them how they can use the product to achieve success. If the product is broken, provide options for immediate replacement and try to determine how it broke. If it was user error, gently point out to the customer how they can avoid this outcome in the future.

  • The more you know about the customer, the better you’ll be able to personalize the resolution, too.
  • Like web self-service, customers can use chatbots — over the phone, website chat apps and social media messaging apps — outside normal business hours.
  • These are opportunities for your business to improve its internal processes and create a better customer experience.
  • The customer service representatives are the ones who have direct contact with the buyers.
  • Even when there may be an instance of inferior experience on the customer support side, high-quality customer service can compensate for it.

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