Choosing a Board Portal

A board portal is a tool that facilitates better governance, improves meeting productivity and efficiency and decreases time spent on administrative tasks like preparing, sharing, and distributing documents. In the end, businesses see a significant return on their investment due to paper savings, printing declines, and labour hours saved.

The board portal of the future provides a secure platform for the exchange of sensitive and confidential information and also an easy alternative to traditional methods of distribution of documents. Corporate secretaries, for example can design and distribute board packages by clicking a button. This allows for immediate updates and ensures that directors can access the latest version of the board’s documents and materials.

A modern solution for managing boards can also be used on devices that directors own. This allows directors to be more accessible and streamlined. Board members can log on to the portal from various devices, including tablets and desktop computers. They can also join discussions and collaborate with fellow directors and the board administrator regardless of whether they’re in the same room or around the globe.

When choosing a portal for board meetings it is essential to select one that is easy to use for users and easy to learn. The more intuitive a program is, the less training directors and board members will need to master it. It is important to look at the technical skill levels of your board members and arrange training sessions that are appropriate to their requirements.

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