About the School

About Epitome School

Epitome kiddy cares was established In the year 2012 with the section of crèche only on its permanent site. It is located at 10, Kudirat street, Ilamoshe estate, Oke-Afa Ejigbo, Lagos.

Epitome Kiddy cares proceeded to the section of the pre-school and Afterschool services in the year 2014, with the aim of caring, nurturing, and acting as their locust parents in the absence of their biological parents.

The proprietress of the school in the person of Mrs. Bunmi Salami has a great passion and desire to build the life of children and also contribute to their achievement academically in the society at large which later gave birth to Epitome Nursery and Primary school in the year 2016, with the lower basic section alone.

The primary 3 and 4 were integrated before the end of the 2016/2017 academic session. Epitome Nursery and primary school is well structured with a conducive environment for the teaching and learning process.


Epitome School is founded on the bedrock of high moral standards and discipline. The school develops well-rounded, confident, and compassionate students. We recognize the children as future leaders. This we achieve by offering enriching programs and providing excellent educational facilities which are put into use by professionally trained teachers engaged by the school. All these help in fulfilling our vision for your children as well as upholding the high academic standards the school stands for.


Our curriculum is enriched with a British/Nigerian blended curriculum. The academic and co-curriculum choice available allows our pupil to explore interest and develop talents while preparing them for future opportunities anywhere in the global community.


Learning takes place outside the classroom as well as inside. We offer wonderful enriching programs including competitions, excursions, sports, culture, and arts activities allowing our pupils to develop talents and interests alongside their academic studies.




Team Work




Our Core Values


At Epitome, we teach our students how to tolerate one another and treat each other as family.


At Epitome, we treat all students equal and we are impartial in making judgments. No student is superior to another. All our students have rights and equal rights.


Love conquers all. Two individuals cannot stay together without love that's why love is our number one value. We teach our students why they should love and care for one another.


Self-discipline is one of the things we cannot compromise. Where there is love, fairness, tolerance, impartiality injustice there must be self-discipline, because it is the driving force for sustaining other values.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To be the educational institution of choice where children are equipped to take up leadership roles to help shape our changing world

Our Vision

Our Vision

To provide a high-quality education that produces well-rounded children whose educational advantages and talent will help them adapt easily to the world and excel globally.

Epitome School Code of Conduct

Epitome staff must follow precisely the approved curriculum for each nursery or class.

The curriculum for every section will be subject to periodic review by Head Office in conjunction with staff-members.


Hygiene & Cleanliness

Epitome staff must wash and sanitize their hands regularly and also school our children to do likewise.

Epitome staff must keep our premises in antiseptic condition.

Epitome staff must keep the toilets clean at all times. There must be no stains in the toilet-bowls.

Epitome nannies must provide toilet-training for all our two-year-old, Older children should be taught to use the toilet without supervision.

Each baby in Epitome nurseries must be assigned a specifically identifiable cot. Babies should not share cots.

All Epitome toys must be cleaned and disinfected regularly.

The playground equipment must be subject to regular cleaning and disinfecting.

It is the responsibility of all Epitome staff to encourage our children to be confident, independent and to develop their self-esteem.

Epitome staff must encourage our children to build on their natural curiosity as learners, develop their language and mathematical skills, use their imagination and develop their social relationships.

Epitome staff cannot abuse our children verbally or psychologically. It is strictly forbidden for staff to shout at any child.

Under no circumstances can Epitome children be spanked or beaten by the staff. Notwithstanding, children should be discouraged from throwing tantrums.

Epitome staff should teach our children good manners and habits. Foul language by staffers and children is strictly forbidden.

Criminal prosecution will be instituted against any staffer guilty of any form of sexual abuse of our children.

Epitome toys, playthings, and books are not for decoration. They must be employed by Epitome staff as lesson-aids and to inspire our children.

Child Handling


CCTV cameras will be switched on in Epitome School 24/7.

CCTV recordings will be examined and studied by detailed staff every 24 hours.

Epitome staff must only release children to those officially delegated by their parents and registered at Head Office.

All classrooms must be locked and safeguarded after school.

Epitome security guards are not to talk to, or interact with, Epitome children.

Epitome security guards must not touch the children except in cases of emergency.

Epitome security guards are strictly forbidden to use their telephones during work-hours, except to answer calls from Head Office or under strictly exceptional circumstances.

Epitome security guards must not interfere or tamper with the CCTV cameras. The cameras can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time through the internet.

Why Choose Us

Certified Schools
Epitome School 65%
Lifetime Enrolment
Epitome School 86%
Pass Rate Into Sec. Sch
Epitome School 87%
Satisfied Parents
Epitome School 98%



Admission is on, round the year as long as the child had reached the age of 18 months.



We provide a high-quality education that produces well-rounded children that are well equipped to take up leadership roles to help shape our changing world.



We give students in our primary school an educational advantage helping them adapt easily to the world both nationally and internationally.

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